EM 2020

Gentlemen, dear friends,We as the board of the European BenchrestShooting Federation have to make the announcement that we have to cancel EBC 2020 in Italy at Dobiacco shooting stand.Main reasons for this are the uncertainties in measures that will be taken or will be continued the coming months and European wide measures taken already in relation to the Corona COVID-19 crisis.The Board believes strongly that September 2020 is too early for executing the EBC 2020 in Italy. Despite thetremendous efforts thathave been executed by our dear Italian friendsfor keeping up the believe that we could execute the EBC 2020 InItaly.The Board believes in executing a successful EBC inseptember 2021 despite that also in 2021 the WBC will be held in South Africa. We think that enough shooters want to participate in the EBC in September 2021, in a location to be announced.You as the Country delegate are kindly asked to make an inventory if you want to participate in an EBC in September 2021 and how many shooters will participate from your country.We again are very sorry for cancellation of the EBC 2020 in September 2020 in Italy at Dobiacco, but the actual Corona COVID 19 situation gives us no other possibility.We are really looking forward in receiving your answer on above question concerning participationthe EBC in September 2021 in a location to be announced..On behalf of the Board of the EBSF,

P. Trautig President