EM 2012 i Italien i fara!!!

Dear friends EBSF delegates and staff members,

We have to face a very bad situation :

You have to know that the Dobbiaco Shooting Range is the Italian Army
property and the Dobbiaco Shooting Club is just ”allowed” to use it.
After 30 year of stability the Army, without advertising, decided to
change the topography of the range for future biathlon competition, so
they began to remove a lot of materials from the mountain as you can
see on the pictures and store it on the back and front of the firing
line without  being able to tell when the range will be useable again.

The Dobbiaco Shooting Club wrote to us, EBSF  telling, with a lot of
apologies, that with this situation they are no more able to hold the
2012 European Championship.

The Italian Benchrest Shooting Association is looking for an
alternative Shooting Range, but in the mean time, I would like to
know if any country is offering his contribution to held this Championship,
for example is Finland  able to advance by 2 year the competition?
Or Austria can help again to save the situation?

Sorry for this disappointing news.
Hoping that we will find an alternative solution before the end of this year.

Best regards
Mit Freundlichen Grüßen

JC Braconi
EBSF President